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Preparing for battle (W40K BT VS DE)

Üdv Kedves Olvasók!/Greetings Dear Readers,

Amíg Meyil’kree kolléga készülődik a sajóvámosi csata közönség elé tárásával, hadd osszam meg pár gondolatomat az ezen a héten megtartandó, szintén Miskolcon végbemenő Warhammer 40K csatáról. Már régóta szerettem volna Grosh kolléga Fekete templomosai ellen kipróbálni a sötét eldáimat pár Covenes formációs finomsággal. Na, de ne is szaporítsuk a szót, jöjjön egy kis agymenés, ezúttal az angol/amerikai/ausztráliai olvasók kedvében járva angolul!

While battle brother Meyil’kree is preparing to release his review for the battle of Sajóvámos, let me share my thoughts about my planned Warhammer 40K battle in Miskolc. I really wanted to challenge my Dark Eldar army against Grosh’s Black Templars with some tasty Coven formations. So let me begin my brainstorming now in English in favor of my English/US/Australian readers!

For my army I wanted to start with models I already own, and I have read many juicy lists on the internet. First I wanted to try out how would it hurt to bring a Haemonculus with WebWay Portal, Animus Vitae and Flesh Gauntlet with a maximized simple Dark Eldar troop… I have also added a Sybarite to save the Warlord from challenges and a blaster guy just for fun!
My plan is to Deep Strike these in 2nd or 3rd turn next to an expensive infantry squad and shoot it to pieces… Yes, it can be really dangerous to stay in the open with them, but the combined Feel No Pain (FnP for short) of Haemo and the Animus Vitae can be a good shield for them. If my rapid fire kills his entire team then I do not have to worry anything, if half of the target unit is still alive, they can taste some nasty overwatch splinter ammos. Unless the flamer guys stay alive, then I am screwed…

My next unit is pretty straightforward, I have chosen a unit Scourges with as many haywire blasters as I can, their first and only task was to deep strike next to an armored space marine coffin and try to blow it up. I know 8 scourges in one unit is a bit overshoot but last time when I brought them for infantry killing their shardcarbines against Blood Angels they were really effective. Also I did not had the points to add another Scourge unit (neither the models). We’ll see.

For the Heavy Support I have added two Ravagers with maxed up Dark Lances. When I was writing the list I was pretty sure Grosh (my opponent) will definitely bring his favourite Flamer Dreadnought and at least one Predator/Land Raider/Vindicator. So my plan is to concentrate all nine lances to one vehicle, and after the passengers disembarked tear them to pieces with my Warrior team arriving from Deep Strike. Also I have added another Warrior unit in Raider (with Splinterracks, of course) to my list to provide more fire support against the angry black armored marines.

Haemonculus Coven

Now this is where this list get experimental. I have never used any formations since I am playing W40K (since 2007) but I really like the theme for the Covens, and they have three really good-looking formations. And not so expensive – I mean for figure cash… So I chose the Grotesquerie first, I maxed out the number of Grotesques with adding two units of five/four, each with an Abomination (sergeant) and of course Urien Rakarth himself. I do not own any of the Grotesques at the moment but before I want to invest terrible amount of Hungarian Forints to buy the figures to convert these I really want to proxy them and see what they can do. So I will use ogre models now.

However on the other side I am already owning all the models for my second choice, the Scalpel Squadron. I will use 5x2 wracks in venoms and try to get that extra victory points at the very beginning with hunting down any infantry he brings on foot (crusaders, devastators, or a thunderfire cannon). 

For the remaining Points I have added wyches in raider, because I have no other models and I did not want to use more proxies then required.

Black Templars

After I have finished my list I was swapping it with Grosh, and some of my assumptions were right. Here is what he will bring to the battlefield:
- Chaplain Grimaldus for getting the nasty feel no pain
- Ironclad Dreadnought with two Heavy flamers (of course!)
- Sternguard Veterans with a huge load of heavy flamers (in Drop Pod)
- A shooty terminator squad with assault cannon with a dedicated Land raider with Multi-melta
- Tactical squad in rhino with flamer
- Another Tactical squad in rhino with plasma gun
- Predator with a huge amount of Lascannon
- And his good olde Vindicator

So as I can see he do not want to go into close combat, so my prime targets will be:
1) Get the Grotesques in the middle and try to tear up their rhinos
2) Shoot down the Land raider with the Ravagers
3) Deep strike and evaporate the terminators when the land raider opened up
4) Try to evade all flamers (if I can)
5) And of course, use the scourge squad to blow up at least ONE dreadnought/vehicle
6) Wyches should be in reserve/flat out and pick an objective

It will be a really hard battle for the evil space elves but I hope I will get a tons of XP from the battle. Any thoughts, criticism and feedback are welcomed in the comment section!

Yours Sincerely,

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  1. Ööö... Terminátor Multi-meltával? Nem néztetek félre valamit?

    1. De, benéztük. Javítom.

      Terminator Squad (465pts)
      Replace Storm Bolter with Assault Cannon, 4x Terminator, Terminator Sergeant
      And They Shall Know no Fear
      Land Raider Crusader
      Extra Armour, Multi-melta
      Assault Vehicle, Power of the Machine Spirit