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Battle Report - Black Templars VS Dark Eldar

Greetings Everyone,

Just as I have promist last time, here is my high-detailed Battle Report for Warhammer 40.000, Black Templars VS Dark Eldar. Once again in english only. (Sorry Hungarian readers, next time it will be in hungarian again).

All my transports and heavy skimmers before the first shot


The enemy commander, Grosh of the Black Templar chapter won the roll-off so unfortunately I had to setup my entire army (except the reserves) first. From the Wych drugs table I rolled the worst bonus (Splintermind, +1 Ld). However from the "Latest Experiments" table I rolled a pretty decent Fleet ability which saved me in a really critical assault later in the battle. Urien Rakarth was my Warlord and he had a fix Warlord trait so I did not have to roll for that one. He was the Haemonculus attached to the Grotesquerie formation, and I hoped in case of a challenge the Aberration will defend him. Actually it did not... but I will write about this later in this article.

The menacing Black Templar army

We have rolled a "Big Guns never tire" Eternal Mission but we have realized we did not even placed the objectives until 4th turn, so we had a good laugh and just decided to go for kill points.

Grimaldus and his cenobyte Dawgie!

Two tactical squad has been assigned to this crusade against the xenos scum

Dark Eldar first moves

This was the very first moment when my bad dice rolls started. From the Deep Strike my Scalpel squadron has not arrived (delayed) and one of the Venom has been immediately destroyed! What a pain in the butt... Second venom has arrived only on my last turn and did almost nothing, so for MEQ armies this was not a useful formation. Even if they could arrive they could take out only a rhino with extra luck...

Also as you can see on the pictures I have placed the two Ravagers with dark lances a bit nearer then required, so the Predator and the Vindicator could see them without any problems. Even with a night fight was on the two Space Marine vehicle crew could take those down in 3 turns without any problems. In return the only thing the Ravagers could do is to get 2 hullpoints from the nearest rhino. It was really disappointing.

My Faults:
Ravagers - too close to enemy gunfire
Raiders - too close to each other

So I have make haste and move the Wyches and the two group of Grotesques into the very middle and hoped they will not tear up those on their first turn (fortunately they did not). My second fault here was to force them so close, the heavy flmaer from the Ironclad dreadnought takes a horrendeous damage on all these...

Before the BT shooting phase and before my zoom in
Say goodbye to the wyches! Herr Dreadnought ist hier!

Black Templars first turn - Turn up the RAGE!

The Black Templars were not so shy and moved with all the vehicles they could, and from the Deep Strike their really angry Dreadnought have arrived and burned my raiders. The vicious walker has blew up the raider of the Wyches, got 2 hullpoints from the first grotesque squad (with Urien) and get one hullpoint from the other raider. When Herr Grimaldus has disembarked with his elite terminator squad, they have opened up the second raider and make it wrecked, so the Father of Pain and his orderlies had to disembark, too.

The dreadnought has smashed the wyches into the ground in the following turns, but at least they have hold him up for real long...Also the predator and vindicator tanks has blew my ravagers into pieces after 3 turns... Lessons learned!

And the Rage must go on...

  1.  My deep strikes were terrible, scourges have been placed by the enemy
  2. Remaining venom of the Scalpel squadron has been delayed again
  3. But it was OK for delaying the WWP (web way portal) warrior squad, there were no squishy targets on the table at this phase
  4. Grotesque squad #1 has been doing the close combat with Grimaldus' squad of terminators for 4 rounds, Grimmy challenged Aberration and defeated it without any problems, then Grimmy challenged Mr. Rakarth and only defeated him after 3 rounds (my rolls for Urien were terrible)
  5. Grotesque squad #2 assaulted the rhino with one hullpoint and wrecked it without any difficulties, and the tactical marines (with plasma gun) have been poured out from the wrecked vehicle
  6. Even my 5 grotesques with Aberration and Rage (31 poisoned rerollable attacks!!!) could not kill even one space marine in the first close combat phase, I guess that was a holy miracle for the zealous Black Templars
  7. Huge assault blob was going on in the middle
  8. The transport raider of the #2 grotesque squad flew over the land raider to get Linebreaker, but the angry land raider turned it's front and vaporized it

One last kick and some nasty revenges

  1. Next to the close combat blob on my right side the second drop pod arrived with the sternguardds, and they wiped out my misplaced scourges (what a waste for me!)
  2. Finally my Webway Portal guys have arrived just in time and poisoned to death one of the sternguard unit, yes!
  3. However this has been avenged by the flamer tactical squad and the vindicator, after this murderous shooting phase they have assaulted the remaining warriors and the poor Haemonculus and destroyed them in a vicious 2-round combat
  4. Also the 2nd part of the Scalpel squadron arrived on 5th turn but done nothing at all and get shot by the land raider
  5. Close combat ended in the middle, Grimmy rised from the bloody mess without a single wound
  6. Black Templar has tabled me and shot down my last raider squad with the warriors
WWP warrior squad has arrived! YES!

But BT tactical marines avenged their brothers... ourch, flamer hurts


Positive things:
  • Grotesquerie is a guarantee to hold the line in the middle and get the enemy stuck for long time
  • WWP squad is not scattering, shoots one million poison rifle shots and kills almost anything
  • Warriors in a raider with Splinter squad is a MUST HAVE
  • Blasters, blasters, blasters! If you do not allow armor saves, it is better!
Constructive things:
  • Scalpel squadron is not effective against MEQ armies
  • I have learned to not use Ravagers with Dark Lances, use instead Disintegrators
  • Do not take more than 5 scourges in one squad
  • Urien is not a close combat monster
  • Wych drugs are so random and makes me always unhappy
  • NEVER deep strike near to the table edge, leave at least 13" always
    hard lesson learned
I hope you enjoyed this battle report! Have a nice week!
All pictures here:

Yours Sincerely,

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  1. Impressive Article, well done! I thought yesterday you played a DE vs DE game, but as I see I misunderstood.

    Anyway, you had a funny game. I would suggest to once try to make a video battle report what US guys are posting so frequnetly. /Gery

    1. Thank you Sir! I will examine the bright idea if making videos.